About the Mining Monitor

Viewing the miner's dashboard
  1. BTC spent - The total amount of BTC spent by the miners to mine Stacks on the network in the last 100 blocks
  2. BTC spent all time - The total amount of BTC spent by the miner to mine Stacks on the network since the beginning of time
  3. Tx fees per block - The total amount of fees incurred per block on the Stacks network in the last 100 blocks
  4. Current BTC hashrate - The current amount of computing and process power being contributed to the network through mining.
  5. Active miners - The average number of miner mining Stacks from the last 100 blocks.
  6. Total sats committed in the current block - The total number of satoshi (a fractional denominator of Bitcoin) being commited by the miners
  7. Top Miners spent - The total amount of sat broken down into miners spent per block
  8. List of miners (sat spent) - The list of miners with their address and total sats spent in the current bloc
  9. Block reward distribution - The ratio of different miners who won the block reward
  10. List of miners (Block reward distribution) - The list of miner who has won at least 1 block in the last 100 blocks, color code
  11. Block no. - The current block height occurred during mining
  12. Time elapsed - The age of the block when it was last found
  13. Total sats spent - The total numbers of sat spend in the current block from all active miners
  14. Winning miner - The miner's address that won the reward block

Mining Block

Viewing the Mining Block
  1. Total miner competed in a block - The total of miners that are actively mining in the current block, competing for the reward block
  2. Total fees burn - The number of fees in Bitcoin burned for mining
  3. Confirmation flow - The flow of activities of stacks to bitcoin finality and reward blow award.
  4. Block information - A detailed information of the current mining block

Miner's detail

Viewing the miner's address detail
  1. Total block won - The total amount of block won by the miner of all time.
  2. Total STX won - The amount of STX received by mining a reward block.
  3. Total sats spent - The total amount of Satoshi spent by the miners to burn for mining Stacks
  4. Participation history - The activity of the miners from the last 50 block. If grey, it means the miner is not active. Orange means the miner did not win the reward block and green means that the miner has won the reward block.
  5. Miner's block participation details - The detail information of the miner's mining activity that includes the confirmation flow, BTC TX ID, BTC block height, STX awarded, burnt fees and age.
  6. Recent blocks - Showing a list of all the block participated by the current miner.